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Ahmednagar Merchant's Co-op Bank Ltd.

A small but significant part of this bigger digital banking revolution is the Ahmednagar Merchant’s Co-operative Bank. We are a well established and credible banking institution, tracing our roots bank to 1972. Starting as a traditional banking institution back then, we are a modern and futuristic bank today.

Best Bank Award

Bast Bank Award from past 3 years

Next-gen banking services

Cashless banking, E-statements, E-commerce become available to every person.

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What We’re Offering

Banking With Us

Expand your business with us at lowest 8.50% interest rate .

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Utilize your gold for urgent money with 7.50% interest rate.

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Open savings account and deposit your money

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High interest rate on fixed deposit for all age category.

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The education pursued may earn you a lot more than you have paid off.

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Mobile Banking activities made easier, quicker, secure and less hectic.

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What We’re Offering



  • Locker
  • Bill Payment
  • Tax Payment
  • E-Passbook

Interest with Days

  • Days-15-45 : Rate-2.50%
  • Days-46-90 : Rate-2.50%
  • Days-91-180 : Rate-3.75%
  • Days-181-250 : Rate-4.25%

Mobile & Internet Banking

  • Account holders can initiate transaction as well as view their e-statements
  • Loan Statements, Account Balance
  • And transaction history and even have access to E-passbooks

What We’re Offering



BBPS is the easiest way to pay your utility bills such as Electricity, Gas, Insurance, Telecom etc.

Cheque Payment facility

Cheques are more convenient to carry than large amounts of cash.


A debit card is linked to a bank account and can be used to: withdraw funds from an ATM. shopping at PoS. online purchase via Ecom.

Digital Banking

  • • ATM

  • • POS

  • • Ecom

  • • IMPS

  • • BBPS

  • • UPI-BHIM


Share Capital


Reserve Fund





What We’re Offering

Individual Loan

Gold Loan

Ahmednagar Merchant's Bank

Rate : 13.50%

Rebate : 6%

Vehicle/Car Loan

Ahmednagar Merchant's Bank

Rate : 8%

Personal Loan

Ahmednagar Merchant's Bank

Rate : 15.50%

Rebate : 3%

Housing Loan

Ahmednagar Merchant's Bank

Rate : 7.0%

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